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An emblematic heritage of the Americas


You might be surprised to learn that Chiltepin is the only variety of wild chili that originates in the United States. It is mainly found on the lands of the canyons of the US-Mexico border. Due to the consequences of human activity, the native populations of wild Chiletepin are constantly decreasing, but they are now protected in big 3 American national parks: Big Bend National Park, Coronado National Forest and L'Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument . "Chile" meaning "pepper" and "Tepin" meaning "small" in Aztec.

Chiltepin is highly prized by Native American tribes where it is highly valued in food and plays an important role in history, culture, and medicine (due to the capsaicin in the fruit).

Chilli has many other names as well, including bird's eye chili , chili tepin , chiltepe and simply tepin . It is usually eaten dried in a flake because it becomes dehydrated quickly due to its thin skin. Despite its small size, Chiltepin is quite a hot pepper since it can reach 100,000 units on the Scoville scale .

Chiltepin plants can reach 2 meters tall and are low on nutrients, which means they will be able to adapt very well to poor soil. They will be very decorative and can be used to form hedges. The fruiting is abundant and endless, you are pleasantly surprised to see hundreds of small red balls contrasting perfectly on a dark green foliage.



Cultivating the Chiltepin is offering a historical heritage to your garden!

Wild Chiltepin

    • Scoville scale: 50,000 - 100,000
    • Origin: America