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Stronger than the original!


Here is the Borg 9 phenotype B. It differs from the original phenotype (A) by the presence of a tail giving it a strong resemblance to the Carolina Reaper.

This is the chocolate color variant of the Borg 9 chilli, a chili initially created by Jon Harper, an experienced farmer from the UK who is the creator of this hybrid.
So we selected this phenotype on the one hand for its rarity, but especially for its beauty but also its power for its appearance and also its canicular strength!


To better understand, here is the story of its origin. To highlight the Borg 9 (whose original color is red), Jon first designed the 7BBG (7 Pot Bubblegum) known for its calyx and stem that are the same color as the fruit itself. To do it he crossed a Trinidad Moruga with a