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The yellow Biquinho is a natural variance of the red Biquinho, a small pepper native to Brazil. This rare drop-shaped variety has the same characteristics as its original version, i.e. exceptional vigor, exceptional resistance to diseases, mites, drought and temperature variations, which makes it a perfectly suited variety of pepper. for beginners.




Naturally slender and and very bushy like other Biquinhos, you will be pleasantly surprised by its insolent production capacity because once the first flowers appear, your plants will produce endless peppers!






The fruits of the yellow Biquinho are very small, drop-shaped pods, averaging three centimeters in length, with a slightly curved shape and an elongated, pointed tip. It ripens from pale green to bright yellow when ripe and is shiny, smooth and firm. Underneath its exocarp, the medium to thick flesh is yellow, crunchy and watery, enclosing a very small cavity filled with a few round, cream-colored seeds. The yellow Biquinho are crunchy and juicy with a tangy citrus flavor followed by a sweet, fruity and slightly smoky flavor.

Yellow Biquinho